Born 24, May 1968 in Milano

LICEO CLASSICO “G. Parini, Milano. Diploma in 1986.
BALLET AND DANCE STUDIES. Milano 1976-1986. Some teachers: Carmen Ragghianti,
Willy Seville, Silvia Brioschi, Maria Magdalena(Madrid).
restoration Diploma, two full years program plus one full year of practice and teacher training,
in 1993 .
N.D. Studio Ceramics (National Diploma in Design and Technology in Ceramics) in
2000.This research is continually developing.

U.W.I.C. CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY. Cardiff, Wales. MA Ceramics in 2008
1987- PAOLO FROSECCHI. Milano, apprenticeship on egg- painting.
LUISA CEVESE. Milano, apprenticeship on weaving.
1995–96- DITTA FALSINI. Firenze, apprenticeship on wheel, mould techniques and majolica
1996- CHRISTIANNE PERROCHONE. Castiglione Alberti(Arezzo), apprenticeship as a
ceramic studio assistant.
1996 to 2004- LA MERIDIANA,CERTALDO, Founder and Director PIETRO ELIA
MADDALENA, studies ceramics including wheel, hand building, the use of slips and glazes
at high temperature. Technical and aesthetic research developing personalized objects for the
home and especially for the table.
1996- Jane Perryman: Smoke fired Pottery.

1997-Mo Jupp and Anne Shingleton: Sculptural Ceramic emphasizing the human figure and the
1998- Takeshi Yasuda: Advanced wheel work; Methodology of creative research.
1999- Sebastian Blackie: Paperclay, kilns of paper, ”sagger firings”.
2000- Ruthanne Tudbull: Teaching Techniques for advanced wheel work, sodafiring.
2001- Walter Keeler and Roger Lewis: A hands-on lecture of their techniques, with a special
guest lecture by Michael Casson
2002- Mo Jupp and Neil French: Lectures and demonstrations.
2002- Giovanni Cimatti: Terra sigillata e Raku dolce.
2002-Don Davis: Porcelain, engobes and firings.
2004 -Kenneth Clark: Tiles design and graphic design language
2004 APICIUS Cooking School in Florence, Training in Bakery and Chocolate
2014 – James Foglieni, culinary classes
2014 – Gennaro Napolitano, culinary classes
2015- Stefano Pinciaroli, culinary classes
2018- Maria Garzuly, screen printing on ceramics
2019- Giuseppe Digiangirolamo, screen printing on paper and ceramics
2021- Rachèle Rivière, Monotype and Chalcography on ceramics
2022- Paride Capuccini, Bucchero

Palazzo Spinelli, Firenze: Assistant for the painting restoration class. 1994.
Studio Giambo, Firenze : Wheel classes for beginners and intermediates. 1999 to 2004 .
Apicius, Firenze : Table setting, Tuscan cuisine, Italian regional cuisine, Vegetarian cuisine, Italian
Jewish cuisine. 2001 to 2008.
Scuola Media Statale Guicciardini-Poliziano, Firenze: Hand-building ceramics. 2003 to 2005 .
La Meridiana, Certaldo: Wheel classes and hand-building classes with high temperature technique
and special firings techniques. Teaching classes on the creative process. 1999 to present.

Istituto ”Lorenzo De Medici”, Firenze: Hand-building ceramics and wheel throwing beginning
level. 2001 to present.
Istituto ”Lorenzo De Medici”, Firenze: Italian regional cuisine and nutrition. 2011 to 2017.
Istituto ”Lorenzo De Medici”, Firenze: Sculpture beginning level 2013 to 2017.
Istituto “Lorenzo De medici”, Firenze: Managing the ceramics and sculpture studio 2001 to
Centro “Il Cavaliere Azzurro”, Firenze: teaching hand building and throwing classes. 2009 to
Giglio Cooking, Firenze: Italian cuisine. 2010 to present.
Private: Italian to foreigners. 2007 to 2013.
Private: Italian and culinary lessons “Cook and Talk”. 2008-2009.
Private: Italian culinary lessons. 2007-2009.
Istituto Tecnico Elsa Morante, Firenze, Badia a Ripoli. Evening ceramics classes for adults. 2013
to 2017.
I created, direct and teach a special online program, “Freedom and Structure of the Creative
Process”. The program is carried out in collaboration with La Meridiana International School of
Ceramics and concludes there with a two week workshop in Bagnao, Certaldo 2021 to present
Own painting restoration studio, Firenze. 1993-1995.
Exhibition project "8 Donne Artiste Artigiane", Milan, 1996-98: organizing the show and
exhibiting own artwork in ceramic
Christianne Perrochon,Bucine, 1996: assistant in her studio, doing researches on high
temperature glazes..
Ditta Ceccarelli, Mercatale Val di Pesa, 1997: I worked as a painter on majolica for them.
Own ceramic studio, Firenze, 1997 to 2006. Production of personalized stoneware or porcelain
ceramics for the table with various commissions (home and restaurant), Production of
sculptures and vases in porcelain.
Own ceramic studio, Firenze 2023. It currently welcomes resident artists.
Participation in several ceramics fair , Brescia , Milano , Firenze, Umbria.1997-2003.
Cook to “ La Taverna del Macchiavelli” Sant’Andrea in Percussina, San Casciano Val di Pesa,
Firenze. 2006.
Group exhibition “ Strenna D’ Autore “ Galleria Frosecchi , Firenze 2007.

Personal Chef to Gary Winick 2008.
Permanent exhibition of porcelain sculptures, “Fondazione Paolo Frosecchi”, Firenze, 2007 to
Group exhibition , Galleria Frosecchi , Firenze 2011-2012-2013.
Exhibition of porcelain sculptures and “Book on Earth” project, Fondazione Paolo Frosecchi,
Firenze, 2012-2024.
I have created an entire online program in the service of the creative process and creativity
“Freedom and Structure of the Creative Process”, Firenze, Certaldo 2021

Language: native Italian and proficient in English.
I work well as part of a team and individually; I am reliable, willing to learn and to interact with
people, especially in multicultural contexts.
Ability to work with people in different contexts; ability to manage problem-solving. Ability to
create connections.
Experience in preparing courses at several levels; development of projects; studio management.
The materials I have been working with include: earthenware (with specific attention to the
majolica technique, smoke firing and TS), stoneware, Raku clay, paper clay, and porcelain.
Proficient Computer Skills
Additional information,
my ability to interact and communicate with students and people generally is influenced by my
experience as a teacher, but is also influenced by a over 30 years of work on my inner self.