Who I Am

Who I Am


I am an artist and I mostly work with clay with which I explore forms of all kinds. I also love painting, drawing and the art of performance.

I was born and raised in Milan, but I live and work in Florence where I found a good balance between different dimensions of existence including living in a beautiful city, but also having the additional privilege of being very close to a wonderful countryside.

I have been investigating life for more than thirty years through the art of ceramics that I explore in its various techniques and expressive possibilities.

I have been teaching ceramics for over twenty-five years, I deeply love this job, I have been called both by ceramics art and by the teaching that I do with passion.

I have invested a lot in my professional training and in my personal growth. Among the many studies and classes I attended as a student, I graduated at the Forest of Dean College in England in Ceramic Design and Technologies, after which I took a Master in ceramics as fine art in Wales at UWIC University in Cardiff.